Ecommerce solutions hosted with Btwixt Group allowed me to expand my business from the US market to Caribbean market with their server uptime and web support.

- Omcha

Your dedication to quality and going the extra mile is distinguishable in the hosting arena, often talked about but rarely seen.

- Gary

Cost Effective email solutions that matches my business needs and nothing else. Wow can't ask for more

- Tracy

The level of personal service and touching of the customer here is awesome. I'm not sure that your service could be any better than it already is. Imagine getting a call back from a hosting company, that is just unbelievable

- Henry

The never-ending customer support that just keeps on coming from these guys. These Guys at Btwixt Group helped me recover a URL from another registrar when no other group will touch that problem. That's awesome

- Danny

Btwixt Group helped me to resolve my hosting needs and find me a solution that matches my budget. The Speed and efficiency from the people that really cares makes a world of difference ..

- Megan