You've invested hundreds of hours in the design and promotion of your web site. And you've probably seen your traffic grow from a few dozen hits a day to maybe hundreds or even thousands. And odds are, your traffic is still climbing. Btwixt Group is prepared to help you earn a residual income as a reward for all of the hard work you have devoted to your web site. We will pay you 10% for a site that is registered annually.

The System

Our system uses http cookies, to track users referred from your site or the customer enters your ID. Whether they sign up the same day, or a week later, we will know where they came from. All that is required from you is to place one of our banners on your web page (you can also use a text link is desired). This banner will link to Btwixt Group with your ID (RID), and for every customer sign up for an annual package, you receive 10% of the package for the year.

Sign Up

The sign up process is quite simple. First, you must complete a sign up form. After which, your account information, and other useful links will be mailed to you. After your account is setup, you can then select a banner. This banner will link to Liquid Web with your Referrer ID (RID). It's just that simple, and there's no risk involved.

Payment System

As previously stated, you will receive 10% for every sale you refer to us. These payments will be mailed out monthly, as long as the hosting package selected is yearly. Checks mailed out will be made out to the name you sign up with, and will be from   Btwixt Group LLC.