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About Btwixt is one of the most reliable web hosting companies serving the web community. Btwixt offers 500 megs, unlimited pop e-mail accounts, 20 gigs transfer. Btwixt is a trusted name in providing Web-based solutions directly to businesses. If you can dream it, you can build it at Btwixt.

» Reliability: Nothing else matters if users cannot reach your site. Rest assured that our web hosting company has enough growth headroom, component and network redundancy and expert manpower to take care of all this for you.

» Ease of Use: Many business owners are quite tech-savvy ; they don't have fleets of computer programmers on hand to execute their every wish. Our control panel and website builder are important to you.

» Comprehensiveness: While you are going to grow, it does matter that you are able to add e-commerce capability, search marketing etc. without having to pay extra for it.

» Value: We offer the most features at the lowest price, which is good value for the money.

» A Trusted Name: We take care of the little guys with 1 page the same as the big guy with 600 pages.

» Popular Development Tools: PHP, MySQL, SSL, FTP and a host of Scripts to make your site shine as a ray of beacon for others to emulate. With the nicest admin panel and Fantastico included with every account.

Our Services

Expert Coding

We believe in the agile process of coding, where the owner, business and programmer is working for the common goal

Creative Design Work

Our artistic creativity brings life to a concept and reality to a dream long thought of.

Wordpress Developer

We encourage the concept of being one and enhances the matriculation of strategies that come from a dream.

Social Marketing

Our world has changes that occur on a daily basis and an instant in time that connects us to one another, we recognize and manges the digits.

Seo Expert

Meta tags/Title tag changes, Keyword research/Analysis, Competitor Analysis , Meta tag changes, Alt tag changes, Interlinking required.

24/7 Support

The world never sleeps and neither your website.. We are here 365/24/7

Faq Question

No. You can use your own. You will be given the IP address to your site and can edit your DNS record to point to your IP.

Artwork is okay if it is for sell in the form of sculptures, paintings or drawings (not photos). There is a difference between a porn site and artwork. If you are unsure of the difference visit a local art gallery and ask them what your content is considered. If still in you are still in doubt about the artwork contact Btwixt Group. We owe it to our business clients to offer stable non-targeted servers and clean of this type of site sitting next to theirs. ARIN recently announced that dedicated IPs' were “a thing of the past.” So your business site could ping directly to an IP address that also has a porn site listed. If you are interested in testing to see if your server may have porn sites on it, contact If you host with a company you may be surprised as 90% are in it for the money and not the protection of their clients. Btwixt has been hosting accounts for many years. Read our testimonials on

Btwixt does not allow spammers on any of our servers. With the recent support for the 'Do Not Call' list it is apparent that people do not want this type of advertising. We also feel it applies a workload to our network hurting our other clients. We will immediately suspend the accounts of those spamming and without proper justifications to triggers our software detects, all the accounts held by that person will be deleted. In this no refund will be issued. Btwixt will also follow that up with the credit card company or PayPal having them list the user as a 'SPAMMER' making it difficult for them to get an account on another service.

We offer Instant Account Creation. Btwixt Group prides itself on being able to offer our clients instant access to their web servers. If you already own your domain name you will update your domain to the name servers provided in your initial account setup email. At that time you will have actual control panel and temporary access to work on your web site. Once we have seen that the domain name is resolving to our server we will send you another email. If you run your own name server you can simply change the IP pointing to the server in your setup information and be online at the new server location in minutes.

Yes! All of our servers allow you to generate a zipped backup of both your web site and any or all of your databases and download. In the event that your back up is needed, you login into your admin control panel and restore the files. Your site will be back to the state of the last backup in no time.

Yes. If you look at the sites built by Btwixt Web Design Group all of them are hosted on our servers. A medium size business will have no trouble hosting their web site and email accounts on this service. Click here to visit Btwixt Web Design Group

Yes. It must be used for a business or non-profit email service. A typical account can host about 250-300 email accounts if users are downloading their emails daily. The server administrator should not leave unused accounts on the server as the messages that are not downloaded will take up valuable server space.

In the back office we have a full line of movie 'how-to's'. You can sample the add email account by clicking here.

Yes. You can manage your site with the user-friendly interface and control panel, with direct connection to your own FTP Server.

YES! Currently Btwixt Hosting is providing a 12-month registration with a year hosting. If you already own your own domain, you can go to our site and transfer your domain. You will receive a 12-month extension on your current expiration date all for $8.99. One year domain registration is only included with a years hosting. If you need to receive credit for a domain name please contact Remember it is often forgotten that when you register your domain through another company nothing protects you. It is generally better for you to register your own domain for your protection. And with the prices as low as Btwixt Group offers it is a minor expense to protecting your future web development and business.

PHP and PERL are supported by the server. Others scripting languages may be available, please ask what you are looking for. You can also look at the package page descriptions.

The servers are up 99% generally all maintenance is done while the servers are running. Btwixt doesn't keep a server for more than 18 months. This way you always know you are running on the best equipment on the market. Some web-hosting providers are running on desktops.

Yes. Btwixt Web Design Group is a web design group providing you the best site. Btwixt Web Design Group has been delivering web sites for all size businesses for over 10 years. Click here to contact Btwixt Web Design Group about building you a custom web site.

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